Concrete Contractors Repair or Replace

Buffalo concrete is often damaged due to extreme temperature changes throughout the year. The frost depth in Buffalo can be as deep as fifteen feet! That means that you are walking on frozen ground that is 15 feet below the surface for much of the winter. Because of this, landscape curbing has become very popular for homeowners looking to keep their landscaping intact year-round. Landscape curbing keeps lawnmowers and snow blowers from hitting concrete sidewalks and driveways which results in cracks and holes in your concrete pavement. When it comes time to replace or repair landscape curbing, you’ll need a proficient concrete contractor with experience working in cold weather conditions. You can find Concrete Contractors near Buffalo when you call us today. Another important thing to consider when looking for a contractor is to find out if they offer after-hours and weekend services. This will allow you to call them in an emergency without having to wait for the next day.


Concrete contractors must ensure they work safely and abide by all local and state laws and regulations when installing landscape curbing around your home. The most important safetyConcrete Contractors in Buffalo consideration is the material used to repair or replace concrete pavement, as it can become slippery when wet, causing severe bodily injury around Buffalo’s wet weather conditions.


The best time of year to repair or replace landscape curbing is Summertime or Autumn. At these times temperatures are at their highest, allowing the cured concrete to properly set before Winter brings low temperatures, potential snowfall, and ice build-up from frozen precipitation.


For more information on repairing or replacing landscape curbing contact our team at Concrete Solutions of Buffalo NY. We can be reached by phone during normal business hours online here. We strive to provide safe, quality workmanship and service. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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